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Plazan Placental Breast Cream
The cream penetrates deeply into the dermis, improving the metabolism of skin cells and increasin..
Plazan Placenta Lipid Corrector for dry skin
Boosts water-retaining skin features in deep and medium derma layers. Normalises lipid exchange, ..
Plazan Placental Face Day Cream ‘Balzakovskiy’
Action: A light moisturizing and hydrating lifting cream. Perfectly moistens upper and middle..
Plazan Placenta Lipid Corrector for combined skin
Selectively adjusts the sebaceous glands, normalising lipid secretion and moisturising the skin. ..
Placental Plazan Eye Contour Mask (Super Lifting and Nourishing) - 3 ml
The ultimate anti-aging treatment for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes, this luxurious ..
Plazan Placenta Lifting facial cream with Nano-system
Action: This unique new generation cream contains nano-complex, phyto amino acids, phyto suga..
Placental Plazan Eye Contour Mask, (Super Regeneration and Collagen) - 3 ml
It restarts the self-regeneration mechanisms of the skin, promotes the synthesis of new fibro..
Plazan Placental Moisturizing Facial cream with Nano-system
Action: New generation of active components of the placenta in this silky and soft moisturizi..
Plazan Placental Collagen Moisturizing Mask 35 +
Action: Contains natural moisturizing components of the placenta (hyaluronic acid, Glycosamin..
Plazan Placental Collagen Cream with hyaluronic acid
Anti wrinkle Collagen Cream's active components strengthen synthesis of the skin own collagen and..
Plazan Placental collagen moisturizing mask 45 +
Action: The mask contains fragmented molecules of placental hyaluronic acid and GAGs, which p..
Plazan Placental collagen nourishing mask 25 +
Action: Contains amino acids, placental peptides, ATP, trace elements (micro elements), free ..
Plazan Placental Collagen Lifting mask 45 +
Action: Contains protein components of placenta that stimulate the regenerative capacity of c..
Plazan Placental Curative Cream
Curative Cream contains Plazan cell extracts preparation, glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid and..
Plazan Placental collagen regenerating facial mask 55 +
Volume: 20 ml. Action: High-performance mask with a pronounced lifting effect for mature ..
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