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Pure Elements Chi Hyaluronic Day Cream
Details: A day cream for the demanding skin with high quality shea butter, almond oil natu..
Pure Elements Natural Cosmetics Chi Day Cream Energy with Tomato Extract
Light Day Cream replenishes the necessary moisture that is missing from your skin...
PURE ELEMENTS Refreshing and Energising Shower Gel for Men with Natural Moisturising Ingredients
Freshens your skin and spirit every day with the irresistible fragrance of Pure El..
Pure Elements Natural Cosmetics Chi Night Cream Energy with Mango Butter
High concentration of active ingredients which restore and strengthen the skin's y..
PURE ELEMENTS Natural Skincare Chi Gentle Face Cleansing Milk with Hippophae, Almond Oil & Shea Butter
A fluid, velvety cleanser which leaves the skin clean, soft and protected against ..
Pure Elements Natural Cosmetics Chi Energy Facial Peeling with Rice
Wonderful natural facial peeling which deeply soothes and rejuvenates the skin. ..
Pure Elements Skincare [CHI] Natural Hyaluronan Anti-Ageing Eye Cream with Lotus Extract - High quality Hyaluronic Acid from natural liposomes for deeper penetration
High quality luxury eye cream with Vitamin ..
Pure Elements Natural Cosmetics Chi Body and Massage Oil Energy
The special blend of high quality essential oils offers great moisturisation and e..
Pure Elements Natural Cosmetics Chi >Energy< Face Mask with Argan Oil
Moisturising, firming, skin nourishing and pampering facial mask with valuable Arg..
Pure Elements Natural Skincare Chi Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Night Cream with Lotus Extract
Night Cream for the demanding skin with: * High Quality Shea Butter *Capuacu Butte..
Pure Elements Natural Skincare Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Mask with Lotus Extract 50 ml
High quality facial mask enriched with Avocado, Almond Oils, Shea Butter, Vitamin ..
PURE ELEMENTS Natural Energising Aromatherapy Spray >>ENERGIE<<
Lovely energising fragrance of Mandarin, Lime, Ylang-Ylang and Grapefruit ..
Pure Elements Natural Skincare Chi Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Serum with Lotus Extract 30 ml
Hyper-concentrated serum of excellent quality with Almond Oil & precious Lotus..
PURE ELEMENTS Chi Energy Natural Gentle Body Scrub with Jojoba, Almond oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter >ENERGIE<
Amazing Pure Elements body scrub with jojoba grain wax An invigorating a..
Pure Elements Natural Skincare Shower Gel ''Chi Energie'' with Jojoba - Energises Body & Mind
The special blend of high quality Essential Oils (such as Jojoba oil) offers great..
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