Plazan Placental Curative Cream

Plazan Placental Curative Cream
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Curative Cream contains Plazan cell extracts preparation, glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid and placenta albumens. Placenta Albumens included in creams provide energetically favorable nourishing conditions for fast skin cells fission. That promotes their functional activity; as a result there is a high stimulation process of the skin cells. Glycosaminoglycans belong to biologically unique active anti-aging substances in preparations fighting against wrinkles. The raised Hyaluronic acid content provides high activity with cells rejuvenation for any skin type. Antioxidant - dibunol is also included in the Cream structure. This substance is a stronger bio-antioxidant than vitamin E. Dibunol promotes neutralization of free radicals, which are formed in skin cells under environment influence (sunlight, alcohol, smoking, stress).

The Curative Cream enzymes specifically influence to viral shell that results to the suppression of their development. Properties of the Plazan Curative Cream allow you to apply it for effective treatments of skin diseases or virus infections (herpes). Lytic enzymes directly suppress development of various bacteria due to splitting of microbes shell. Owing to the Curative Cream is recommended for treatment of blackhead rash and problem skin. The Curative Cream effectively removes peeling at psoriasis, reduces itching at neurodermatosis and eczema, makes skin soft and elastic.

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