Plazan Placenta Lipid Corrector for dry skin

Plazan Placenta Lipid Corrector for dry skin
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Boosts water-retaining skin features in deep and medium derma layers. Normalises lipid exchange, improving the activity of sebaceous glands. It is effective for face and neck dryness. Increases the content of lipids in the upper layers of the skin. Improves turgor and moisture retaining properties of the skin in the deep dermis, and strengthens the elastin-collagen "skeleton" of the skin. Recommended from 20 years of age.


Volume: 50 ml.


Effects: Lipid metabolism is one of the important elements for skin youth preservation. Dermal skin glands play a key role in maintaining lipid balance, a factor that defines skin type as normal, dry or combined.  Dry skin is at enhanced risk of developing skin lesions, especially when subject to the influence of external factors such as temperature, exposure to wind etc. The normalisation of lipid balance helps to prepare your skin for the further use of creams intended for complex skin renewal. 

Use: Use a small amount of cream 1-2 times daily, massaging it into the skin.  Plazan lipid correctors are recommended to use in the morning 30 minutes before going out.


Ingredients: water, olive oil, emulsion wax, glycerin monostearate, trietanolamine, perfume, dibunol, parabens, placental glycosaminoglycans, elastin-collagen complex.

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